Download Free Anti Ransomware Tools Latest Version For PC

Ransomware are those softwares which encrypt your data and take money for decryption of your data. You cannot see your important data when they encrypt it until they will not decrypt your data. If your system is attacked by ransomware then you should follow three steps.

  1. Backup your encrypted data in saving places such as USB or any hard disc.
  2. Use the restore option from your window.
  3. If the above two options get fail don’t be disappointed after some day when decrypted comes in market purchase it from there and decrypt your files.

Ransomware removal tools

1. 360 Ransomware Decryption Tools:

It helps to decrypt locked files, it decrypts eighty kinds of ransomware also Petya and Wannacry. Download 360 Ransomeware Decryption tool by clicking the download button above.

360 Ransomware Decryption Tools download

2. Acronis Ransomware Protection Build:

It checks and stops familiar and unfamiliar Ransomware types from your computer.

Acronis Ransomware Protection Build

3. Anti Ransom:

It traces block and catches pin or keywords which apply by ransomware Applying honeypot.

4. Cybereason ransom-free:

This software challenges that it secures your system from any obtainable ransomware strain on your system either it is wanna cry to Notpetya and Badrabbit Ransomware to Petya. It used to protect your major files like music, images and any kind of official data from any Cybercriminal. It has a simple method of installation, it starts working instantly when it installed on your computer and it also gives you a signal or warns you when any kind or ransomware attack your system. By this software, your data will not unprotected or unsafe.

5. Avast ransomware removal:

It is having a strong protective covering software when any ransomware attacks on your security and privacy system. It claims to have incredible elements which safeguard the security and privacy system. It has 11 extraordinary effective tools which fight against ransomware and exclude it from your PC, it is also having another good feature that it recognized which type of ransomware attack the system.

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