Microsoft Office 2003

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Microsoft office 2003 is very low in volume but the performance of word processor software is very fast. It is a common and main selection of third world countries like the USA, UK, and India. Microsoft office 2003 uses a small resource on the PC as it works with P4 and Dual Core computers.

Download Microsoft Office 2003 secure setup free for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP. Microsoft has released office 2007, Microsoft office 2010 Microsoft office 2013 and Microsoft office 2016 but there is still a demand for Microsoft office 2003.

In Microsoft Office 2003, the user can start documents and it is very for a user to create a document or to edit the document or to print the document. Users can design the document, the number of fonts is available, the option of bold is also available. Users can also add page numbers, hyperlinks, watermarks and can insert tables.

Addition or Upgrading in Microsoft office 2003

  • Microsoft Excel is a merged spreadsheet that gives the result of calculation in graphs and figures. it is used for complex calculations. It is used for art editing and graphical charts and objects.
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2003, is used for presentations in which the user can compile and convey their ideas, concepts, and plans to the audiences. There are also options of colors and designs.
  • Microsoft Access 2003, it helps to set up relations between different kinds of setups, it is a relational database management system.

Features of Microsoft office 2003

  • User can Convert text to table
  • User can easily Count words shown below the page
  • Templates
  • There is an option of Spelling and grammar checking
  • There is an option of Formating which user can use different styles and designs
  • Thesaurus
  • Mail merge
  • Word wrapping
  • User can use the Page break
  • Autocorrect
  • Auto text
  • Headers and footers

Microsoft office 2003 New Advanced Features

  • It supported XML data import
  • It supported uni code
  • It supported PostScript Printer Driver
  • Smart Tag List
  • Customized junk mail filter

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