MSI Afterburner Free Download

This is the best utility for your PC graphics card. There are many features of MSI Afterburner but the main features are graphics card memory cloud setting, card customization, voltage customization and fan speed settings. Download Free MSI Afterburner for PC Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista.

Overview of MSI Afterburner For PC Windows:

MSI Afterburner is world’s well known and greatly used graphics card overclocking software which grants you completely command of your graphic cards. It improve and increase the functioning of graphics card in your computer with overclocking up to 93% and also observe the clock, voltage, temperature, fan speed, frame rate and much more. It also raises and boost the limit of power and production and functioning of cards. MSI Afterburner is totally free and you can use the graphic cards of all new brands.

Features of MSI Afterburner:

There are many features of MSI Afterburner utility but the main features are below.

  1. Triple overvoltage
  2. Benchmark
  3. Overclocking
  4. It monitors maximum or minimum value for record of system status easily.
  5. It saves 5 profiles load customized settings.
  6. 2D and 2D automatic profile switching for different projects or plans.
  7. It supports MPG and AVI formats.
  8. To manage or control size customized quality and frame rate.
  9. Multi-threaded.
  10. Advanced fan speed manage for various speed under various temperature trigger points.
  11. At system startup use overclocking setting.

how to use MSI Afterburner For PC:

Firstly you need to download the MSI Afterburner by clicking the above download button and install the setup file. After installation open the program then this window appear on your window desktop screen.

how to use MSI Afterburner on windows

In this windows you can get a stats of your system Graphics card like Base boost, core clock, fan speed, core voltage, power limits, temp limits memory clock and fan speeds. You can set the best settings by customizing MSI Afterburner.


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