Winebottler For Mac

Setup Filename:
Setup File Size: 1.3 MB
License: Free
Operating Systems Mac
Setup File Type Mac OS
Developers Darwine

Winebottler is an application to control, direct or covers your windows application into suitable OS X apps. It is a window based software such as browsers, media players, games and business applications into the mac package app. Choice from a broad enclosure of software from which wine bottler grant automatic installation. It is a device alike to CodeWeavers’ Crossover, where different prefixes are formed by each application. It is a simple and neat process no other apps will install while installing winebottler. When you install it, it shows neatly on the computer’s desktop. Winebottler doesn’t come with its programs but it comes with its texts that concentrate on downloading, configuring and installing anything into an application

Downloading process of winebottler: It is a free software works on both old and new versions, old versions Mac OS X like El Capitan and Mavericks and on newer versions of Mac OS like Sierra and High Sierra.

  1. First of all, open the file which you download and click twice on it.
  2. Draw wine and winebottler to the app’s folder which opens in a finder window.
  3. Find wine and winebottler in the finder.
  4. By pressing the Eject arrow to unmount them.
  5. Erase the .dmg file to clear the storage on mac.

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